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Study Shows Exercises and Chiropractic Care Beat Drugs for Neck Pain

13/01/2014 By Den

Link – FacebookTwitterPinterestemailPrintReference: According to a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine and funded by the National Institutes of Health, medication is not the best option for treating neck pain. After following 272 neck-pain patients for 12 weeks, those who used a chiropractor or exercise were more than twice as likely to […]

Top 10 Reasons for Chiropractic (part 1)

08/01/2014 By Den

Link – FacebookTwitterPinterestemailPrintChiropractic Boosts Immunty Scientific research reveals that regularly scheduled chiropractic care may boost the body’s immune response. A study in 1991 found that chiropractic adjustments boost levels of polymorphonuclear neutrophils (PMN) and monocytes — white blood cells associated with a healthy immune system (JMPT 1991; 7:399-408). Chiropractic Improves Sleep Chiropractic patients enjoy an […]

The Spinal Model

08/08/2011 By Den

Link – FacebookTwitterPinterestemailPrint The Spinal Model Complete Chiropractic St Albans, First Floor, 15 High Street, St Albans   Herts AL3 4EH  Ph. 01727 848 481 Your body and spine is an incredible marvel of engineering, being able to withstand large forces and yet maintaining great flexibility. The ideal spine at rest consumes practically no energy to […]

Good Posture How Important Is It?

20/07/2011 By Den

Link – FacebookTwitterPinterestemailPrintPosture is as important as eating right, exercising and getting a good night’s sleep. Good posture helps contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system. The good news is that most everyone can avoid the problems caused by bad posture…and you can make improvements at any age. Without good posture, your overall […]