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Sneaky Ways to Eat Your Veggies

01/05/2017 By Den

Link – emailFacebookTwitterPinterestSneaky Ways to Eat Your Veggies Kids aren’t the only ones who may need to infuse their diet with more veggies. Some adults have an aversion to anything that’s green and healthy. Fortunately, there are some easy, sneaky ways to get more of the good stuff into your daily diet. One of the […]

Constant Stress? Take A Look At Your Diet

17/04/2017 By Den

Link – emailFacebookTwitterPinterestConstant Stress? Take A Look At Your Diet When you’re stressed, skip the comfort food and head for something nutritious. This state of emotional tension can be rooted in anything from work-related pressures to frayed family relationships. At one point or another, everyone has experienced stress in his or her life. And while […]

It’s Not Normal to Be Average! Part 1

07/09/2015 By Den

Link – emailFacebookTwitterPinterestNormal and Average… Do They Mean the Same Thing? There’s normal and there’s average. They’re different. Let me give you an example. When I’m examining a new patient and my examination reveals a significant amount of nerve interference between the shoulder blades I ask, “Wow, do you get digestive problems? Can you eat […]

What Lifestyle Habits Have Been Shown to Increase Life Span?

19/06/2015 By Den

Link – emailFacebookTwitterPinterestMost of us like to think of ourselves as young: young in heart at least, if not actually young in years. But is it possible to stay “forever young” in terms of health and wellness? Here are two key tips. They may seem obvious, but the power is in actually implementing these tips […]

Eat By the Colors, Part 2

15/04/2015 By Den

Link – emailFacebookTwitterPinterestWhat Are Some of The Other Colors That Are Important?   In the last issue we discussed the importance of blue/purple and green foods. Today we discuss more… Yellow/Green:  A variation of the green color category, these foods exhibit a richness in lutein. Lutein is particularly beneficial for eye health. There are lutein […]

Vitamin D and Spinal Health

18/03/2015 By Den

Link – emailFacebookTwitterPinterestVitamin D and Spinal Health   New research suggests there may be a link between the body’s vitamin D levels and spinal health. The majority of patients who were about the receive spinal-fusion surgery had alarmingly low levels of vitamin D in one study presented last week at the North American Spinal Society […]

22% Reduction in Breast Cancer Tumor Markers with this Fruit

02/02/2015 By Den

Link – emailFacebookTwitterPinterest22% Reduction in Breast Cancer Tumor Markers with this Fruit Ronald Grisanti D.C., D.A.B.C.O., D.A.C.B.N., M.S. Can a simple staple sour fruit be helpful in the treatment and prevention of breast cancer? Well, a study at the University of Arizona Caner Center has revealed some promising news. Before I share the study, it […]

Holiday Wellness Tips

14/11/2014 By Den

Link – emailFacebookTwitterPinterestWhat Can I Do To Keep From Gaining A Lot of Weight, Becoming Stressed Out and Getting Sick During the Holidays? Research shows that the average adult gains weight during the holiday season. The season is also the peak of the flu/cold season and a time when stress levels can reach their maximum […]

7 foods to lower inflammation in your body

09/10/2014 By Den

Link – emailFacebookTwitterPinterest7 foods to lower inflammation in your body By: Leanne Ely While getting regular exercise and reducing the amount of stress in your life are key components to reducing the inflammation in your body, we can also add certain anti-inflammatory foods to our diet, (all the while cutting out sugar and processed food), […]