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Chiropractic and the Brain, Part 2

26/01/2015 By Den

Link – FacebookTwitterPinterestemailPrintChiropractic and the Brain… Is This a New Concept? Absolutely not! Chiropractic has always been about re-establishing normal nerve signaling between the brain and the body. In fact, in the early years of chiropractic, the profession purchased several mental institutions. Chiropractic adjustments were the dominant clinical services provided along with healthy garden fresh […]

Chiropractic and the Brain, Part 1

19/01/2015 By Den

Link – FacebookTwitterPinterestemailPrintWhat Occurs in the Brain during a Chiropractic Adjustment? Research published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Thera-peutics in 2007, shows how chiropractic helps affect brain and nerve system function. The New Zealand Chiropractors Association states, “Ground-breaking research has, for the first time, identified the actual changes that occur in the body, […]

Holiday Wellness Tips

14/11/2014 By Den

Link – FacebookTwitterPinterestemailPrintWhat Can I Do To Keep From Gaining A Lot of Weight, Becoming Stressed Out and Getting Sick During the Holidays? Research shows that the average adult gains weight during the holiday season. The season is also the peak of the flu/cold season and a time when stress levels can reach their maximum […]

12 Tips For Better Immunity (part 1)

04/08/2014 By Den

Link – FacebookTwitterPinterestemailPrint  What Are Some Simple Lifestyle Changes I Can Make That Will Improve My Immune System? A depressed immune system lowers the body’s ability to fight off all sorts of diseases, from the simple common cold to cancer. A body with a weak immune system is more susceptible to infections and diseases. Here […]