12 Tips For Better Immunity (part 1)


What Are Some Simple Lifestyle Changes I Can Make That Will Improve My Immune System?

A depressed immune system lowers the body’s ability to fight off all sorts of diseases, from the simple common cold to cancer. A body with a weak immune system is more susceptible to infections and diseases. Here are some important dietary and lifestyle tips to help boost one’s immunity and break out of this downward spiral.

1.Exercise. Exercise has been shown in many studies to lower one’s risk of numerous diseases. Some research, for example, found that people who engaged in regular physical activity were less likely to get cancer than those who did not. Just 30 minutes a day will give you improved immune function. However, scientists have shown that extremely intense workouts (such as marathons) can also have the effect of short-term immune suppression.

2. Sleep. Sufficient and good-quality rest has a tremendous impact on immunity. Research suggests at least 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per day is ideal for most people is ideal, especially when the person is in bed by 10pm or 11pm.

3. Sunlight. Moderate, common-sense exposure to daily sunshine helps the body produce adequate levels of vitamin D, and this hormone plays a critical role in many aspects of human health, including immune function.  About 15-20 minutes a day of sun exposure over a large percentage of your body is adequate.

4. Water. Consumption of an adequate amount of water, preferably chlorine and fluoride free, every day is necessary for tip-top immune function. It has been suggested that we consume at least half of our body weight in ounces per day.

5. Manage stress. Stress damages the immune system and needs to be properly managed. Stress comes in three flavors… physical stress, chemical stress and mental/emotional stress. Strategies to eliminate physical and chemical stresses (like beneficial exercise, not smoking and a good diet) as well as daily deep breathing, meditation, relaxation exercises, nature walks and yoga help mitigate stress.

6. Healthy weight. Obesity has been implicated as a factor which impairs the immune function. Fat cells can produce inflammatory chemicals that damage your body and put your immune system on chronic alert. If you have extra weight make a plan to slowly lose all the pounds that you want to lose.


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