Francois Hacault of Complete Chiropractic offers free public service talks and spinal screenings

Francois Hacault, Chiropractor from Complete Chiropractic is happy to deliver talks and on-site back check ups to your organisation, club, charity or business in the St. Albans region free of charge. He has spoken to various schools, and organisations in St. Albans about the benefits of proper posture and spinal wellbeing.

You are taught to have eye checkups, dental checkups, medical checkups, but very few people have their posture looked at or their nervous system and spine looked at.

The talk is entitled ‘Be Pain Free And Enjoy your Life to the Fullest’  the audience will learn about preventative healthcare measures and what to do if they are currently struggling with any aches and pains.  Francois can also perform back check-ups on site if requested and he will advise on any aches and pains accordingly.

Most Health Insurance Companies cover Chiropractic care and more and more businesses are finding Chiropractic a useful resource in reducing absenteeism and increasing performance of their work force.

If your company or organisation wishes to arrange a presentation or on-site check-up please call Francois on 01727 848 481 who will be happy to help.  Alternatively please e-mail