8 Steps to Spring Cleansing & Renewal

Spring Is The Time Of Renewal of Nature… What Can A Person Do To Renew Themselves?   

1.    Feel the power of Nature all around you and within you. Know that this awesome force is available to you, and allow it to influence the course of your life and health.

Identify the areas of your life that need some work and plan specific improve- ments. Allow yourself to visualize your Perfect Life, and nourish that vision through your cleansing and renewal process

2.    Spring is the time for renewing your life… letting go of what you don’t need (physical, mental, and emotional habits that undermine your health) and bringing in what you need anew  (accepting positive health habits that will satisfy your soul).

Take a break from the TV to be more creative, or read by candlelight without the electrical vibrations at night, or just sit quiet to meditate and listen.

       3.     Get more outside exercise and spend more time in Nature. Take hikes, plant a garden, or work in a community garden or take a yoga class.

4.    Consider a detoxification program.   Ask your chiropractor what he or she recommends.

5.     Renew all aspects of your Life. Go through your piles of papers, your clothes, and the corners of rooms in areas that haven’t seen light for years. Don’t be afraid to let go and let things flow.

        Give things away, have a garage sale, and recycle or re-circulate what you can.

 6.    Begin to feed your body well. If you have habits that detract from your well-being, end them. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Eat fresh, natural organic foods. Stop eating fast foods and processed foods.

          7.    Be Earth-aware and Earth-friendly. Be conscious of where things come from and where they go. Be aware of chemical toxins. Re-use and Re-cycle.

8.     Do something that uplifts your soul, such as caring for a loved one or an elderly neighbor. Trust your heart and feed it joyful experiences. Begin or continue a journey of self-discovery, soul-search  or spiritual empowerment.