Are you fighting the winter colds?

Many people in Autumn feel the seasonal changes by experiencing a runny nose, sore throats, sinus pressure and pain, fever, tummy bugs and general dis-ease. Have you ever thought of what nature is doing at this time of year? What is happening to the trees? They’re losing their leaves, plants are becoming dormant in preparation for winter. The weather is changing, its colder, darker.

Isn’t it logical that our bodies should go through a change as well. Shouldn’t we change our cells as well. Just think of what happens when we blow our noses, sneeze or cough. We are expelling cells to make way for new ones that are more appropriate to the seasonal changes.

Think of this, every spring, or autumn, when the trees start to change, most of the population will experience changes as well. Some will go through the change more noticeably than others, blosing their noses, having a fever (which is the bodies way or weakening the bugs that try to take advantage of our bodies changeing.) or possibly tummy bugs. We’ve been taught that these changes are bad, but are they actually?? It is part of nature to change with the seasons, so why shouldn’t we?

If you are going through a tough time try these simple but effective helpers.
1) 1000-5000mg of vit C daily (spread out throughout the day). This helps your cells assimilate iron better to ward of the invaders.
2) Steam inhalations with eucalyptus. The steam and eucalyptus help weaken the foreign bacteria as well as helps to expectorate the old cells.
3) Drink loads of water, green or herbal tea. Fluids help keep the body hydrated as wel as allowing you to flush the bad cells out of your body.
4) Get plenty of rest. Resting helps your body divert essential energy to the immune system and changeing body parts.
5) Try to decrease your intake of sugar or sweeteners. These depress your immune system for 30-60 minutes after injesting them.

Good Luck and to a better seasonal change.