Why Work at a Standing Desk?

Why Work at a Standing Desk? As sitting has been dubbed “the new smoking,” it’s increasingly important to incorporate more movement into your everyday life. One of the best ways to do that is to swap sitting for working at a standing desk. Spending more of your workday standing could reduce the risk of obesity,… Continue reading Why Work at a Standing Desk?

Is Your Wardrobe Hurting Your Back?

Is Your Wardrobe Hurting Your Back? Women may be used to hearing that high heels can be a source of back problems, but did you know that other articles of clothing may be doing your body more harm than good? If you’re dealing with back aches, examine your weekly wardrobe to see if you’re wearing… Continue reading Is Your Wardrobe Hurting Your Back?

Constant Stress? Take A Look At Your Diet

Constant Stress? Take A Look At Your Diet When you’re stressed, skip the comfort food and head for something nutritious. This state of emotional tension can be rooted in anything from work-related pressures to frayed family relationships. At one point or another, everyone has experienced stress in his or her life. And while it comes… Continue reading Constant Stress? Take A Look At Your Diet

Chiropractic and Migraines

How effective is the treatment? Proof chiropractic works Seventy-two per cent of migraine sufferers in a clinical trial experienced either ‘substantial’ or ‘noticeable’ improvement after a period of chiropractic treatment, defying historical skepticism of chiropractics by some medical practitioners. The randomised clinical trial was undertaken by Dr Peter Tuchin, a chiropractor for the past 20… Continue reading Chiropractic and Migraines

What can I do to get better quicker?

We are often asked, “What can I do to get better quicker?” by patients as they begin care at our clinic  So we thought we would share with you the Top 5 things that you can do today to help you either get out of pain, improve your recovery from injury, or pass on to… Continue reading What can I do to get better quicker?

Sacroiliac, hip and sciatic pain

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is a common cause of low back and leg pain. Pain and dysfunction can be caused by too little or too much movement in the sacroiliac joint. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction will often present with pain in the buttock – either one on side or both – that pain can also radiate lower… Continue reading Sacroiliac, hip and sciatic pain


It is that time of year again where proud parents are watching their kids head off to their first day of a new school year. They are well prepared for the day with notebooks and crayons packed up safely in the backpack. But are you buying the right backpack to keep you child’s spine healthy?… Continue reading BACKPACK SAFETY AND SPINAL HEALTH

How should I sleep?

Back To Bed You might not think you can accomplish much while you are asleep, but when it comes to the health of your spine, sleeping in the correct posture is like earning extra credit without putting in the work. Assuming you are getting 8 hours of sleep per night, then you are averaging one-third… Continue reading How should I sleep?

How to reduce neck pain due to mobile devices.

Do you look down when you use your phone, tablet, laptop? If so do these exercises to help combat neck pain and upper back pain.   wall angel and shoulder push up handout oct 2014  

Can you spot the pressure on the Spinal cord?

This person could be suffering from Headaches, Migraines, Neck Pain, Upper back pain, Shoulder pain, pain in the arm, tingling/numbness down the arm or even Sciatica. How long do you think you should live your life without pressure/ squeezing on the spinal cord?