How Can Chiropractic Benefit Me, Part 1

How can Chiropractic Benefit me? If you are like the general public, you would believe that chiropractic is a natural treatment for back pain or neck pain or headaches or some other common condition. Here’s something that may shock you… chiropractic, when used properly, has nothing to do with backaches and it has nothing to… Continue reading How Can Chiropractic Benefit Me, Part 1

11 Common Nutrient Deficiencies, Part 3

What Are the Eleven Greatest Nutrient Deficiencies Today? In parts 1 and 2 we discussed Vitamin D, Omega-3 fats, Vitamin K2, and magnesium. 5. Vitamin B12  Vitamin B12 is present in its natural form only in animal sources. (beef, lamb, venison, poultry, and selective seafood. It is necessary for energy, blood cell formation, DNA synthesis… Continue reading 11 Common Nutrient Deficiencies, Part 3

Bone Broth! Don’t be daunted – try it!

Bone Broth Recipe Bone Broth is a great way to use any leftover vegetables from earlier in the week or in the refrigerator that may be getting stale. Ingredients Bones (can be chicken carcass, pork chop bones, ribs or a soup bone with marrow in it from the butcher) Chicken feet, shrimp tail, or clam/mussel… Continue reading Bone Broth! Don’t be daunted – try it!

What Lifestyle Habits Have Been Shown to Increase Life Span?

Most of us like to think of ourselves as young: young in heart at least, if not actually young in years. But is it possible to stay “forever young” in terms of health and wellness? Here are two key tips. They may seem obvious, but the power is in actually implementing these tips consistently over… Continue reading What Lifestyle Habits Have Been Shown to Increase Life Span?

Holiday Wellness Tips

What Can I Do To Keep From Gaining A Lot of Weight, Becoming Stressed Out and Getting Sick During the Holidays? Research shows that the average adult gains weight during the holiday season. The season is also the peak of the flu/cold season and a time when stress levels can reach their maximum for the… Continue reading Holiday Wellness Tips

Headaches & Chiropractic, Part 2

Can Headaches Be Serious? A headache is no stranger to most people. One estimate is that headaches occur in 9 out of 10 people. Some are mild but annoying, localized pain that may be attributed to one or more of a variety of causes. Chronic, recurring headaches, which can be the most serious, are of… Continue reading Headaches & Chiropractic, Part 2

Onions, Garlic and Immunity

How Do Onions and Garlic Affect My Immune System?   Garlic and onions, two of the most popular flavoring accompaniments in cooking today, not only serve a culinary purpose but these two popular parts of the diet actually contain a plethora of health benefits within. Garlic is a natural antibiotic that has strong antibacterial qualities.… Continue reading Onions, Garlic and Immunity

12 Tips For Better Immunity (part 1)

  What Are Some Simple Lifestyle Changes I Can Make That Will Improve My Immune System? A depressed immune system lowers the body’s ability to fight off all sorts of diseases, from the simple common cold to cancer. A body with a weak immune system is more susceptible to infections and diseases. Here are some… Continue reading 12 Tips For Better Immunity (part 1)

The Low-Fat Diet Debunked

              Isn’t the Low-Fat Diet the Best Way to Lose Weight and Prevent Heart Attacks? Maybe you noticed, but that’s really two questions. The first question involves low-fat diets and products and eating them to lose weight. If you still believe that then you are still ensnared in the… Continue reading The Low-Fat Diet Debunked

Are Subluxations Painful?

A subluxation is an interference to your nervous system. Since your nervous system is responsible for running every cell, tissue, organ and gland in your body, then interference to those nerves will and do interfere with the optimal function of your body. Many people believe that if they have a subluxation that they will know… Continue reading Are Subluxations Painful?