The Leaky Roof Patch or Fix?

Most people are so focused on their symptoms that they often neglect to address the cause of their discomfort.  When the cause is obvious, people often make the right decision.  For example, if you had a pebble in your shoe and it was bothering you, you wouldn’t take a pain killer or an anti-inflammatory to… Continue reading The Leaky Roof Patch or Fix?


Contrary to popular opinion, the ideal position for your computer monitor is not at or below eye level. This is not a normal position for your neck.   The long term effects of abnormal posture can be devastating. The impact of spinal degeneration on your ability to function normally at work, at play or even in… Continue reading COMPUTER POSTURE

Improving Your Posture

When standing – hold you head high, chin firmly forward, shoulders back, chest out and stomach tucked in to increase your balance. If you stand all day in a job like a cashier or clerk, rest one foot on a stool or take breaks to get off your feet for a while.   When sitting… Continue reading Improving Your Posture

Good Posture and Ageing

Good Posture and Ageing Making sure you have good posture as you age is extremely important. Poor posture can cause and contribute to many complaints that can be greatly reduced with the right care and attention to your body. Limit Your Range of Motion Muscles can be permanently shortened or stretched when a slumped over position… Continue reading Good Posture and Ageing

Francois Hacault of Complete Chiropractic offers free public service talks and spinal screenings

Francois Hacault, Chiropractor from Complete Chiropractic is happy to deliver talks and on-site back check ups to your organisation, club, charity or business in the St. Albans region free of charge. He has spoken to various schools, and organisations in St. Albans about the benefits of proper posture and spinal wellbeing. You are taught to have eye checkups, dental checkups, medical checkups,… Continue reading Francois Hacault of Complete Chiropractic offers free public service talks and spinal screenings

Chiropractic and your back

Most people haven’t thought about the fact that “it’s a muscular pain” or I pulled a muscle” will have an impact on your nervous system. Just think what does the muscle attach to? (your bones) What tells the muscle to contract or relax? (your nerves). Does it make sence that if a muscle is affected that… Continue reading Chiropractic and your back