Chiropractic Bio Physics

What Is It?
Chiropractic Bio Physics is a system of chiropractic spinal analysis and care developed by Donald D. Harrison and Glenn Harrison to improve patient well being. They are trained chiropractors from America, who have been researching this method of chiropractic analysis for over 25 years.
The goal of the CBP technique is to restore three dimensional human posture. They have developed many methods to achieve this, including the ‘mirror image’ posture adjustments, rehabilitative exercises and cervical, thoracic and lumbar extension traction and manual techniques.
The CBP corrective care program involves chiropractic adjustments, instrument assisted adjustment and a variety of corrective extension traction procedures and corrective postural exercises.
What is involved for me?
During your initial consultation Dr Francois took a full case history, conducted a thorough orthopaedic and neurological exam and assessed your posture for any irregularities. Your x-rays were analyzed to decide on an  appropriate schedule of care, involving the use of the bio-physics techniques.
The most common posture we see is ‘cervical hypolordosis’, where the patient’s head is pushed forward and the ligaments and muscles in the neck have shortened to adapt to the abnormal posture.

The purpose of the cervical traction is to provide a slow adjusting force to stretch them back out. This helps to restore the natural curve in the neck and assists in holding adjustments longer.

By using these methods our chiropractors have amazing success in  restoring the natural curves in our patients spines and assisting in achieving optimal spinal structure and function.