What Does Chiropractic Cure? (Part 1)

What Conditions and Diseases Does Chiropractic Cure?

Remember the first time you heard about the chiropractor and you thought “maybe they’re all right for backaches and stiff necks”… and then people started telling you strange things like, “I took my daughter to the chiropractor and he cured her menstrual cramps.” Or you heard others say, “I took my husband to chiropractor and it cured his ulcers.” or “chiropractic cured my diabetes.” Then you sat in the chiropractic office for the first time and you heard folks talking about how chiropractic helped them with their bladder problems, their asthma or allergies, their migraines, their heart disease, their thyroid problems, or their chronic constipation.

Pretty soon you were thinking to yourself “These chiropractors must be claiming to cure everything from hangnails to cancer.” The question every chiropractic patient must have had at one time is, “What exactly CAN chiropractic cure?”


The answer to that is very simple… no chiropractor anywhere ever cured anything! Chiropractors can’t cure disease. Don’t panic, because no medical doctor ever cured anything either! Anything that is ever cured is cured by the living body, not by doctors.


Let me explain… let’s say you cut your hand. You rush to the iodine bottle and wash out the wound, you wrap it up in bandages, and then you get a shot of antibiotics in one arm and a tetanus shot in the other. Two weeks later you take off the bandages and it’s all healed you think to yourself, “Wow, look… the iodine, bandage, antibiotic and tetanus shot healed my wound.”

Who or What is Responsible for Healing?

Do you think that these things really healed the cut? If you do, then I want you to go down to grocery store and buy a big, fat juicy steak. I want you to cut it… then pour on the iodine, wrap it in a bandage, and give it an antibiotic and a tetanus shot. After two weeks I want you to take off the bandage. Do you think the cut in the steak will be healed? Of course not, don’t be ridiculous, doctor… the steak won’t be healed… because it’s not alive!

That is exactly the point. Let’s give credit where credit is due… life heals, not doctors. All the doctors and scientists in the world couldn’t get together and heal a blade of grass. Only life heals. (to be continued)


Francois Hacault