What Does Chiropractic Cure? (Part 2)

Do Doctors Cure Disease?

In our last issue we stated that “no chiropractor ever cured anything.” We went even a step further and said that no medical doctor anywhere ever cured anything either. We used the analogy of a cut on the hand and a cut in a steak to illustrate that only living things heal. All the doctors and scientists in the world couldn’t get together and heal a blade of grass.

What or Who Cures and Heals?

Consider a sore throat… when your cells are attacked by a virus or bacteria they are damaged and in need of repair. Do your throat epithelial cells actually repair and get better? The truth is that even the body can’t heal a sick cell but fortunately it can be replaced by creating a new one. In fact, that is going on constantly in your body. Cells are programmed with a specific lifespan and then they die. Red blood cells live for 120 days. Liver cells live about 97-150 days, and your Intestinal cells live only 2-3 days. Now, don’t worry, these cells are each replaced by new ones. It’s said that you have a brand new body every 7-10 years.

Remember our steak analogy. If you cut the steak and wait for it to heal, you’ll wait a very long time because it will never heal. Why? Because, only life heals. What that means is that a doctor who claims that he has “cured” something would, in fact, have to be able to create new life.

What is Life?     

Mark Twain had an interesting way to explain life. He said “life is just one damn thing after another.” Maybe that resonates with some of us. In 1927 R.W. Stephenson, D.C. explained life in his Textbook of Chiropractic, that there is “a Universal Intelligence is in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence” and that “the expression of this intelligence through matter is the Chiropractic meaning of life.”        

If we compare a living body to one that is not living then this becomes easy to understand. Cut a corpse’s finger and it doesn’t heal. Put food in the digestive system of a corpse and it just rots. But in a living person the cut heals, and the food is broken down, absorbed, and becomes walking, talking flesh and blood. The living body obviously has an energy, an intelligent force that allows life to be sustained… and the real reason that chiropractic works is that it removes interference to the expression of that intelligence so that the body can cure, heal, repair and sustain itself at 100%.