Everyone’s 4 Basic Needs for Life

What Are The Four Basic Needs for Life?

What came to mind for you? What is it that every human being needs in order to survive?

Without FOOD, we can only survive for a few weeks. Without WATER, we can only survive a few days. Without AIR we can survive for only a few minutes. We all know that we need AIR, WATER and FOOD. The fourth need, however, is often the most neglected need, even though we can last the shortest time without it. What is something that we can’t go without for even a few seconds?  NERVE SUPPLY!

Think about a medical emergency. Imagine that someone is in an accident and rushed to the hospital.  They can be hooked up to a ventilator to help them breath, they can be given an IV to supply water and nutrients (food), and they can even be hooked up machines to help their heart beat and their kidneys filter out waste products.  These machines can keep them alive until what happens?  They use the machines until they are declared brain dead.  Once nerve signals stop coming from the brain, none of the other machines matter.

Think about Christopher Reeve (Superman). He fell off his horse during an equestrian event and “broke his neck”…did he become paralyzed a few months later? … a few weeks later? … even a few days later?  No… he became paralyzed as soon as his spinal cord was damaged.

People who are health conscious focus on the first three needs the most. They exercise regularly or do yoga breathing to improve their breath and get more AIR. They drink mountain spring water all during the day to make sure that they are getting sufficient high quality WATER. They pay extra money for fresh, organic FOOD to keep their body nourished.  But often times they forget the most important thing…their NERVE SUPPLY!  They often forget that if they don’t have full nerve supply to their lungs, good air isn’t as effective.  If they don’t have clear nerve channels to their digestive organs, their body won’t be able to take advantage of all the good food and water going in it.

What’s the best way to take care of your nervous system?  Chiropractic of course!  Chiropractic removes nerve interference allowing the brain to communicate with all the cells of the body.