Inborn Wisdom

Is There an Inborn Wisdom of the Body?

A frog sits on a lily pad and eats flies all day. A baby knows how to suck its thumb even before its born. A seed sprouts, the roots grow down into the earth while the stem and leaves grow up towards the sun. How do they know how to do that?

Chiropractors have a unique understanding of life and health. Health is more than how you feel, it’s how you function and express yourself. Health is a state in which your body can express 100% of your human potential, 100% of your human spirit, and where your cells, tissues, organs, glands and systems are functioning 100%, 100% of the time.

When the Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary is examined do we question whether it was created by intelligence or whether it was a random event such as an explosion in a print shop? Of course not, the organization is much too complex to be a random event. Just the same as we observe the natural world around us we see complex design and order in our universe. There is little question that it was designed and is maintained by intelligence superior to our own human intelligence. We call it Universal Intelligence. It is everywhere and in everything, even in plants, frogs and human beings. It is what gives us our instincts, and our information to survive, to thrive and to adapt in this ever-changing world.

This inborn wisdom is smarter than all the scientists and doctors in the world. For example, this intelligence can take two cells and in 280 days create an infant child whether the mother is a PhD or a high school dropout.  All the scientific minds in the world have been unable to create a living cell; yet this intelligence is able to create a whole body from the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that a mother eats.

What does one the world’s most famous doctors say about our inborn intelligence?

Have you ever heard of Deepak Chopra, M.D.? He is one of the most well-known authors and doctors in the health care field today. He says, “intelligence is present everywhere in our bodies… our own inborn intelligence is far superior to anything that we can substitute from the outside.”

So What… What Does This Mean to Us?

It means simply that the greatest doctor in the world may already be within us. This inborn wisdom knows what to do for your best welfare all of the time. Think about it, what heals? Do salves, ointments, Band-Aids, antibiotics or other drugs heal anything? Of course not. Life is what heals… and it is the chiropractor that removes interference to your body’s communication system allowing life force to express itself in every cell of your body.