Leave your pain behind

Is recurring back pain, sciatica, neck pain or muscular injury stopping you from enjoying the life you want? If the answer is yes, to many of the above, then you’ve the chance to do something about it, today.

Complete Chiropractic is an established clinic which started 9 years ago and provides professional, effective and pain-free chiropractic care in a friendly relaxing environment.

Francois Hacault, provides treatments that focus not only on alleviating the symptom but finding and correcting the causes of pain.

Chiropractic “adjustments” gently remove pressure and irritation from the spinal nerves and joints to help restore optimal spinal function and alignment.

If the spine is out-of-line or unbalanced it can cause a variety of problems throughout the body, including back and neck pain, headaches, sciatica, stress, disc problems and pregnancy related pain.

By working to realign the spine we, at Complete Chiropractic, can help restore people’s optimum health and movement of the body.

All treatments begin with a thorough initial consultation; a full medical history is taken, a postural and spinal examination is performed as well as details on lifestyle and symptoms. From this, we build up a picture of what might be causing the problems and tailor a course of treatment accordingly. The adjustments are carried out fully clothed and are pain-free.

At our clinic we know that back pain and muscular complaints can be successfully treated, so instead of “learning to live with it”, I encourage you to try chiropractic.

If you are feeling worse this year than last and are tired of that recurring pain, if you want to be able to do the things you want to do pain-free, Complete Chiropractic may be the answer you are looking for.