Massage After Exercise

Massage after exercise unquestionably feels good.

A treatment will help reduce muscular pain and aid recovery.

Massage treatment increases the blood flow to muscle tissue aiding the removal of waste products, delivering a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients to fatigued muscles.

Muscle health then starts to improve enabling the muscle to function more efficiently. Soreness and tightness in the tissues is also lessened. When a muscle is contracted during activity and exercise nerves can become compressed. Massage treatment will help relax muscle fibres helping reduce any nerve compression.

Muscles in their relaxed state enable joints to perform their normal range of motion. After exercise muscles are tight and range of movement in the joints is lessened. Using massage techniques and stretches after exercise help restore the original range of motion to the joints.

A treatment is tailored to suit your specific needs and various massage techniques are incorporated including deep tissue and trigger point work.

Reward yourself for your effort! As well as many physical benefits, a post workout treatment has psycological benefits too  helping de-clutter your mind and promoting relaxation.

The quality of your sleep can be improved with regular massage treatments. Fatigue can be eliminated, energy restored and the body is given time to repair itself during a good nights sleep.

You can wake  refreshed and prepared to take on your next workout or sporting challenge.

Appointments available :

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