Massage Therapy – a break from the routine

Massage Therapy – a break from routine

Life is busy and demanding for us all these days , finding time for ourselves is difficult.

A lack of relaxation results in stress. Although a certain amount of stress is needed in order for us to function , too much has a negative impact on our health and well- being.

Studies show that 70% of GP visits are due to stress related conditions which has also become a major cause of absenteeism from work.

Incorporating “touch therapies” such as massage and reflexology into our lifestyles can help to reduce stress levels giving us a break from our daily pressures and routines. Time to switch off!

A massage treatment treats a person both physically and psychologically. A simple treatment can help  soothe aching , tight muscles –  a result of working on computers or lengthy commutes. Giving ourselves time to relax helps soothe our nervous systems decreasing tension and balancing emotions. All our body systems can be strengthened by regular massage treatments, especially the immune system which can become weak when we are under pressure.

Be good to yourself once in a while, turn off the phone and the computer,  unwind with a massage treatment.

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