Regular therapetic massage treatments provide significant benefits beyond just the ” feel good factor”. As winter approcahes the time of colds and flu thinking of boosting our immune systems will be beneficial to us all.  Our immune systems are put under pressure when we suffer stressful periods combine this with a lack of sleep and a poor diet, our bodys natural ability to protect itself against infection is greaty reduced.  Clinical  studies indicate regular massage therapy helps alleviate symptoms of stress and naturally increase the immune systems cytotoxic capacity (the activity and production of germ fighting cells) helping us to defend ourselves against infection more efficiently.

Massage therapy is a great adition to your exercise/sport programme. Just as exercise strengthens the muscular system, regular massage can help keep your immune system performing at its peak.


Sleep – a good nights sleep enables the body to repair and aids the regeneration of the immune system, the tonsils and lymph glands.

Diet -a diet high in fruit , vegetables , whole grains and low in saturated fat will help maintain a healthy immue system. Increase antioxidants to fight free radicals. Boost your intake of vitamins A,C and E and selenium. Sources of these are found in green and brightly coloured friut and vegetables.  Keep alcohol to a minimum and try to avoid smoking. Regular hand washing will help stop infection spreading.

Regular Exercise – walking, swimming and cycling taken on a regular basis will keep the lymphatic system healthy.  This network of vessels picks up toxins and removes them from the body. The movement of lymph around the body is dependant on muscular contraction therefore exercising and movement is important.  Massage aids the movement of lymph by the use of effleurage movements and compressions.

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1 HOUR TREATMENT £40 (usually £45)