The Safety Pin Cycle

What Is The Safety Pin Cycle and How Does It Explain Chiropractic?

Often throughout life we are posed with questions that we think we have the answer to. It’s only when we are asked to describe something we realize we have difficulty in expressing the information. For the sake of simplicity, a great way to explain chiropractic is by visualizing your body as a SAFETY PIN.

Imagine the top of the pin being the BRAIN, the base of the pin the BODY and the wires between, the NERVES.


The wire traveling from the top of the brain to the bottom acts like the nerves from the brain to the body. These nerves carry instructions to all the cells of the body. The nerves that control your muscles are called motor nerves. The nerves that control your organs, glands and blood vessels we call the autonomic nerves.

The wire traveling from the bottom to the top of the pin are like the nerves communicating from the body to the brain. These nerves we call sensory nerves. They send information to the brain about is going on in the body.

When the safety pin is undone, the communication between the brain and the body is interrupted. The chiropractor refers to this condition as DIS-EASE.

This interruption or disconnection is called a SUBLUXATION. Subluxations interfere with your body’s life energy, lowering your potential for maximum health and healing. By adjusting the pin and clasping it together the brain and body are free to act optimally. By delivering an ADJUSTMENT, the chiropractor helps your body reach your full potential and brings your body back into a state of EASE.

subluxation power plant






Do you and your family have your nervous systems checked regularly for subluxation?