Beat Sciatica Naturally

Beat Sciatica Naturally Step away from the medicine cabinet and into natural solutions for your sciatic nerve pain. Try these three easy (and drug-free) methods for managing sciatica that do not involve prescription pain pills. Consider your stressors. Many low back issues can be related to emotional issues. Take inventory of your emotional well being… Continue reading Beat Sciatica Naturally

Why Work at a Standing Desk?

Why Work at a Standing Desk? As sitting has been dubbed “the new smoking,” it’s increasingly important to incorporate more movement into your everyday life. One of the best ways to do that is to swap sitting for working at a standing desk. Spending more of your workday standing could reduce the risk of obesity,… Continue reading Why Work at a Standing Desk?

Chiropractic and Migraines

How effective is the treatment? Proof chiropractic works Seventy-two per cent of migraine sufferers in a clinical trial experienced either ‘substantial’ or ‘noticeable’ improvement after a period of chiropractic treatment, defying historical skepticism of chiropractics by some medical practitioners. The randomised clinical trial was undertaken by Dr Peter Tuchin, a chiropractor for the past 20… Continue reading Chiropractic and Migraines

Inborn Wisdom

Is There an Inborn Wisdom of the Body? A frog sits on a lily pad and eats flies all day. A baby knows how to suck its thumb even before its born. A seed sprouts, the roots grow down into the earth while the stem and leaves grow up towards the sun. How do they… Continue reading Inborn Wisdom

New research describes how the body responds to Chiropractic Adjustments

4 Things you Didn’t Know about Chiropractic As a chiropractor I encounter various preconceptions about what we do. These range from “putting bones back in place” to “fixing people’s backs”. These perceptions exist because of the inevitably different ways chiropractors communicate what they do and because our understanding shifts as we make more scientific progress. The… Continue reading New research describes how the body responds to Chiropractic Adjustments

How Can Chiropractic Benefit Me, Part 2

How Do Body Chemistry and Human Performance Become Disrupted? Last week we asked… How does chiropractic relate to our body chemistry? The answer is that there are billions of cells in the body and every one of them are little chemical factories. They have to be controlled by a master control system. That system is… Continue reading How Can Chiropractic Benefit Me, Part 2

Sacroiliac, hip and sciatic pain

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is a common cause of low back and leg pain. Pain and dysfunction can be caused by too little or too much movement in the sacroiliac joint. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction will often present with pain in the buttock – either one on side or both – that pain can also radiate lower… Continue reading Sacroiliac, hip and sciatic pain

How to reduce neck pain due to mobile devices.

Do you look down when you use your phone, tablet, laptop? If so do these exercises to help combat neck pain and upper back pain.   wall angel and shoulder push up handout oct 2014  

Can you spot the pressure on the Spinal cord?

This person could be suffering from Headaches, Migraines, Neck Pain, Upper back pain, Shoulder pain, pain in the arm, tingling/numbness down the arm or even Sciatica. How long do you think you should live your life without pressure/ squeezing on the spinal cord?

What Lifestyle Habits Have Been Shown to Increase Life Span?

Most of us like to think of ourselves as young: young in heart at least, if not actually young in years. But is it possible to stay “forever young” in terms of health and wellness? Here are two key tips. They may seem obvious, but the power is in actually implementing these tips consistently over… Continue reading What Lifestyle Habits Have Been Shown to Increase Life Span?