The Spinal Model

The Spinal Model

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Your body and spine is an incredible marvel of engineering, being able to withstand large forces and yet maintaining great flexibility.
The ideal spine at rest consumes practically no energy to support upright standing posture.  If it were to be maintained properly, the spine could easily last 120-150 years with minimal degeneration or arthritis.  
The Harrison Spinal Model is our goal of care for correction. Just like blood pressure, there are normal ranges for spinal alignment. When you fall outside of these normal ranges, the spine will degenerate faster than it should and wear like a car tire that is not properly  balanced. 

The human spine should be straight from the front and have 3 curves when viewed from the side
It is quite obvious why our spines need to be as straight as possible from the front, but those without an engineering  background may fail to see the need for curves when viewed from the side. 

Let’s take the neck for example.

The arc in the neck provides leverage for muscles which move the head, while also distributing the forces of gravity through the spine.
The ideal shape of the spine is an amazing balance of natural
forces that are constantly challenging us. These include such loads as compression, tension and shear. How efficient our spines are to resisting these detrimental forces is di
rectly related to health.
By altering and restoring the natural curves of the spine we can help you get rid of neck and low back pain and prevent the spine from wear and tear.